Signs of a Roof Leak

Leaking Roofs in Cumming, GA

Living in Cumming means our roofs are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Leaky roofs can cause a lot of damage and cost a lot of money. There are several ways for homeowners to catch the leaks before they cause too much damage. Finding a leak early can really save a homeowner money if he/she knows what to look for.

The most noticeable signs of a roof leak for a homeowner can be water stains on ceilings or running down walls. If you see these stains, then you probably have a leak. Other signs include mold,rotten insulation, and rotten framing. If you have an attic, you should go up there and look for signs of a leak.This would include water stains and mold. You can also start by looking at places on the roof where objects are protruding (around a chimney for example). One easy way to find a leak is to run a water hose over isolated areas on the roof until you find the location of the leak.

Some leaks can be trickier to find. The location where the water is coming in and where it is leaking at may be different. If you find rotting insulation, you should move the insulation around it and track any possible signs of water for several feet on either side of the damaged insulation. You should always check the surrounding areas around the water damage since the water may be coming in at a different location than where it is leaking or causing damage.

Look for any and all foreign objects in your roof. Random nails can even cause a leak. These signs should be more obvious to find. Climb up on your roof and check for anything that may be penetrating a shingle or something similar.

If all else fails, and you cannot track down the leak, contact a professional. If you aren’t comfortable being on your roof, or your leak seems to be a little tougher than replacing one shingle, still call a professional roofing contractor. Leaks can get out of hand quick and hiring a contractor can actually save you money compared to the cost of a leak that wasn’t repaired properly.

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