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Ceiling Water Damage

Top 5 Most Common Roofing Problems

Most homeowners do not know that there is a problem with their roof until disaster strikes. From water damage to fires, roof-related disasters can cost you a considerable amount of money and frustration. Fortunately, keeping a watchful eye for damage and repairing it early can save you from the hassle and major expense of a complete roof replacement.

To prevent a roof catastrophe, be sure to be on the lookout for the following problems:

Shoddy installation: Poor installation of your roof can reduce its lifespan and vastly increase your chances of encountering problems. Signs of unsatisfactory workmanship include problems with adhesion, wrinkles and leaks, premature aging, or blisters.

Leaks and water damage: Rain, snow, sleet, ice, and debris can all get under the layers of your roof and cause a variety of water-related issues, such as mold, rot, and major leaks in your home. These problems are far more likely if water is able to pond or stand on your roof due to debris buildup or improper drainage of gutters.

Animals: Small animals, birds, rodents, and even insects can wreak havoc on your roof’s structural integrity. Whether it be due to termites eating away at your roof’s materials or raccoons stealing your shingles, it is best to evict any and all critters before they gain a foothold and inflict irreparable damage.

Trees: Not only can overhanging tree limbs can rub on a roof and degrade its surface over time, but they can also fall on the roof and inflict even more serious structural damage. Make sure tree limbs are sufficiently pruned back as much as possible or even removed if they pose a threat to your home.

Shrinkage and blistering: Over time, the roof membrane under the shingles can shrink, causing cracks and blisters in the upper layer. If unaddressed, these issues can leave your roof vulnerable to major damage from the elements.

Luckily, property owners can avoid many of these issues by being proactive and regularly having their roof inspected and maintained by a licensed professional. If it has been more than a year since your last roof inspection, or if your roof is exhibiting signs of damage, contact the award-winning roofers at fly
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