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The dedicated team of J & M Roofing in St. Augustine Beach, Florida understands the pivotal role a roof plays in ensuring a contented home, and they are committed to going above and beyond to ensure its enduring presence. The roofing experts at J & M Roofing possess specialized proficiency in both residential and commercial roofing applications.

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Selecting the right roofing contractor is critical. Don’t let your home improvement project become a major headache. Make sure you choose the right roofing contractor, whether you’re considering roof repair, replacement or even gutter cleaning. At J & M Roofing, our St. Augustine Beach roofers are dedicated to customer service before anything else. Our professional roofing contractors in St. Augustine Beach along with our support staff will always be available to you during your roofing project.

St. Augustine Beach, FL Roof Replacement

Occasionally, shingles may necessitate replacement either due to roof rot or the occurrence of breakage and damage. In such cases, you can bring the damaged shingle to your nearby home repair store and inquire about the availability of matching replacements. It’s advisable to acquire a few extra shingles, as minor roof repairs can often require more materials than initially anticipated. Once you have procured the new roofing materials, you can also consider purchasing putty or nails to aid in securely fastening the roof.

Replace the roof tile by removing the old roof tiles and putting the new ones in the same spot. This will let you make sure that they fit. Then attach the shingles to the roof by either nailing them down or using putty and letting them dry. Doing your own roofing job is not difficult but it can be time consuming making sure that you get it done right. You may want to have a professional check your work after you complete it just so that you can be sure that you did it correctly.

Residential Roofing In St. Augustine Beach, FL

A significant number of homeowners and property owners lack comprehensive knowledge about their roofs. For instance, have you ever considered the age of your roof? Are you aware of the number of layers it comprises? What is the current state of your roof? Is its ventilation adequate? The adept team at J & M Roofing is well-equipped to address your inquiries and assist you in safeguarding your investment through maintenance and tune-up services. Beyond mere roof repairs, the roofing experts at J & M Roofing recognize that they play a vital role in fortifying your home’s protection. They are devoted to providing you with peace of mind by crafting a roof that blends durability with aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s pitched tile, shingle, shake, flat foam, metal, or modified roofs, these skilled residential roofers possess the expertise to meet your diverse roofing needs. Some of our residential services include:
  • Roof Replacements
  • Emergency Roofing Services
  • Roof Inspections
  • Roof Leaks
  • Roof Repairs
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Why Choose J&M Roofing in St. Augustine Beach, Florida?

As mentioned before, the team at J & M Roofing is dedicated to providing you with the best solution for your roofing needs, no matter what type of roof. Not only do our roofing contractors respond to your needs quickly, but they are also very knowledgeable in various roofing services and will do their best for you. Keeping your roof in great shape is a normal part of maintaining your house. Whether it’s a complete replacement or a minor leak, the J & M Roofing is happy to service all types of roofs. If you’ve been looking for a friendly, professional roofing contractor in St. Augustine Beach that you can trust every time with all of your roofing needs, then your search is over. So, call J & M Roofing today!

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We’ll begin by assessing the current condition of your roof and will develop the best plan based on your circumstances. We can help you decide if repairs will be an adequate fix or if it’s a better investment to re-roof.

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