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5 Reason to Get Roof Leaks Fixed

We know that home maintenance tasks are not the most exciting way to spruce up your home, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored! A roof leak is a good example of something homeowners should fix immediately – a small leak in a roof can lead to over $20,000 in repairs of flooring and drywall alone.

One of the reasons a roof leak can be so costly is because water can travel as much as 8-10 feet away from the source of damage. Are you seeing common signs of a roof leak in your home like stains on your celling? Here are a few reasons why you should get a professional roof inspection ASAP:


When wood gets wet it quickly rots. This rotting wood quickly leads to the growth of mold and fungus. Mold in your house can lead to dramatic health issues. If you allow your roof to keep leaking the mold will spread into the HVAC system. The mold can then mix with the air in your system to form toxins. These toxins can worsen asthma and lead to other respiratory problems.


A leaking roof is a surefire way to send your energy bill through the roof. Moisture in your attic can quickly ruin your insulation. The destruction of insulation causes in heat loss during the winter or cool air to escape during the summer. This disruption is sure to skyrocket your energy bill if left unchecked.


Longstanding roof leaks are bound to cause extreme damage to the framework of your house. The constant moisture leads wood to deteriorate. This deterioration weakens the frame of your house and can, in serious cases, cause a roof to collapse. The longer you allow a roof to leak the further the water creeps down into your house.


You wouldn’t think that water coming through your roof could cause a fire, but when the water creeps into electrical wiring it can do just that. When your roof begins to leak you must act fast to avoid the moisture creeping into your electrical work.


When your roof leaks water quickly seeps into the drywall, framework, and even the flooring of your attic. If you leave these problems to worsen the bill will add up fast. If you want to avoid tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your interior, you must act quickly to fix a leaking roof.

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