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How To Clean Your Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of a house, as it is the covering and shield of a house. It shields and protects the house and occupants from weather conditions and hazards like rain, sun, wind, storm, snow, and hurricanes.

Because the roof is exposed to all sorts of things, it is necessary for homeowners to carry out regular maintenance of the roof. One of such is cleaning the roof. Cleaning? Yes, Roofs needs to be cleaned also.

Why You Need To Clean Your Roof

A roof is one part of the house that is always neglected until there is an actual need to give it a thought. For instance, it is only when a roof starts leaking that some house owners remember they have a roof. Yet, they are living in the house, without wondering what shields them from the rain and sun.

You need to clean your roof occasionally because dirty roofs can cause damages to the roof. Want to know how? A dirty roof filled with debris, leaves, algae, fungus, and moss can cause potential damages to your roof. They may decay and rot, and cause your roof to begin to rot also. This may lead to a leaking roof and other damages.

How then should you clean your roof?

You can clean your roof in the following ways:

  • Clean your gutters: You should occasionally clear out your gutters and valleys, to get rid of leaves and any dirt that may be in it. You can make use of a leaf blower to get rid of leaves.
  • lear debris: Debris also needs to be occasionally cleaned.
  • Trim overhanging branches: Overhanging branches may cause leaves, fruits, and sticks to fall onto your roof. When they start to decay, in contact with your roof, your roof is prone to start rotting. You can prevent this by trimming all overhanging branches.
  • Discourage the growth of moss, fungus, and algae: To get rid of moss, fungus, and algae, a special kind of cleaning is needed. You clean a roof to get rid of them by using a sprayer attached to a garden hose with chlorine bleach and water. You use the solution to thoroughly wash your shingles, especially if they are asphalt shingles. After washing the roof and spreading it with the solution, you should allow it to stay for about 15 to 20 minutes. This is to allow the solution do its work on the roof, after which you can rinse off with clean water. Bear in mind, however, that you should do the roof washing on a cloudy day. If it is done on a sunny day, the solution may evaporate or dry up quickly. You actually do not need to wait for moss, fungus, or algae to cover your roof before you take action.
    The disadvantage of using this method is that the solution is harmful to plants and the environment. This is why you may need to contact and hire the services of a professional roof cleaning agency or a professional roof contractor. They would know the right way to wash your roof, with a biodegradable solution that is not harmful to your roof, plants, or the environment.

Regardless of that, you need to practice safety rules and take precaution when cleaning your roof.
Roof cleaning gives a beautiful appearance to your roof and makes it presentable. It also extends your roof life and saves you money.

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