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Why Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

Homeowners understand that money is an even greater challenge when you have a home to take care of. Maintenance costs money, utilities cost money, property taxes can be severe in some areas. If you have a family, that’s even more money needed in order to make ends meet.

A thrifty mindset has come of this, which is completely understandable and justifiable, though in some cases, cutting corners to save some cash can actually cost you more in the long run. One such example is with your roof, where preventative maintenance and care can actually save you a small fortune.

Today, we’re going to talk about some basic maintenance you can do, and how it can result in you saving a lot of money. Your roof is important, being a line of defense against the elements. Water damage will ruin your home, and render it unfit for human habitation.

A shabby roof also causes your resale value to plummet, and your curb appeal to diminish. If it’s bad enough the dangers of a compromised roof could result in your home even being condemned.

At RGB Construction, we offer inspection and maintenance on top of repairs or replacement for just about every type of roof out there. We’ll get your roof ready for summer, and it’ll be gorgeous, like new.
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Tree Maintenance

This is the biggest one to do right away, and it’s also dangerous, so if you’re not experienced at tree trimming, this is something to have a professional do, also for the safety of the tree (they can be killed by poor or botched trimming).

Branches can have secondary bad effects on your roof too, as they shed pollen and cultivate algae as well as giving pests a better way to get onto your roof. Leaves will contribute to gutter clogging and water decay to shingles and your decking as well.

You don’t want to be one of the many people taught by pain that branches are a true force of destruction. This happens a lot, and then there’s a mad scramble to contain the damage, get to safety, and get emergency roofing services out for costly and nerve-racking repairs.

Don’t make the mistake of only trimming the largest ones, no branch above three-quarters of an inch in diameter should be over your roof.


Your gutters can fill up with debris and leaves, or fall away from your house, causing water to pool on your roof. This can eat away at shingles, and cause decking rot, which is very costly to repair, as it’s the entirety of the roof structure being repaired at that point.

This is how a lot of leaks happen, and of course, water damage in your home can cost a fortune as well.


Simple repairs to things like a lost or degraded shingle here and there, maintaining skylights and chimneys and vents, and keeping your flashing in ship shape. If these repairs are put off, and the damage spreads, the repairs will be more costly when they eventually simply have to be done, or else.

Eventually, it can become impractical to fix, at which point you’re looking at roof replacement which is a much costlier endeavor.

Insurance and Resale Value

Your roof directly impacts your home’s resale value and your insurance. If it’s in bad shape, it’s a danger, and coverage by your insurance could be compromised; you could also be facing increased premiums as problems begin to appear and have to be addressed through claims.

This adds up very quickly.

Peace of Mind

This one’s a little bit of a cheat, sure, but in a constructive way. You can’t really put a price tag on peace of mind and surety, knowing when those storms blow in, that you’re ready, and now surprise disasters are going to drop in uninvited.

Yes, not doing this maintenance can result in tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars of expensive repairs and other financial woes, all because a roof was neglected. We recommend you use J&M Roofing to aid you in inspecting and maintaining your roof. Fill out our contact form today!

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